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Aims To:



On site Guarding

Trained guard looking after premises 24h 7 days a week.

Plans & Strategies

Assisting clients to get the best security protocols for their premises

Driving & Escorting

Armed security individual driving behind or ahead of clients to protect the client while on the road.

Event Guarding

Adhoc guarding not contractual, placing guards at event for the allocated time frame.

  • One Nation Security will go beyond measure to ensure our clients are protected. As the client, your needs are our priority
  • Our staff are highly trained individuals that are able to minimize the risk of your safety being compromised at all times
  • At all times, we will focus on your requirements and familiarize ourselves with your various security issues that may challenge you individually or your Business
  • With our current crime rate the purpose would be to decrease the unlawful activities that may occur in and around the communities
  • One Nation Security co-insides with neighborhood watch groups and we keep updated with unforeseen occurrences that may take place
  • Planning of various “route patrols” will take place in the neighborhood.
  • Complex and warehouse guarding – all round the clock
  • School patrols as well as school guarding. In addition, we offer raising awareness to the youth in the schools
  • Business parks as well as shopping complexes
  • One Nation Security member will ensure you are safely escorted to and from your destinations.
  • We offer protection at events (If required)
  • We work hard to give you piece of mind, your safety is our number one priority.
  • We will ensure your safety in and around your comfort zones, we will make sure that you are also comfortable outside of your comfort zones.
  • Our agents are trained to fit into any situation possible whether it be smart or casual, we will make sure that your well being is being taken care of.
  • We go beyond the risk of danger to ensure that your safety is being taken care of.

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